Dr Jefferys has a strong background in working into assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health and addressing psychological challenges. Amanda has had extensive experience in working into trauma related fields, and exposure to grief and loss events, this is balanced brilliantly with her work into sports and health domains. Her expertise extends to the provision diagnosis, assessments and reports in the criminal justice, legal and neuropsychological areas.

The field of health psychology assesses how psychological, behavioural and cultural factors contribute to physical health and illness. Health can be the product of biological processes (e.g. a virus, tumours, etc.) but also of psychological (e.g. thoughts and beliefs), behavioural (e.g. habits) and social environments. This field of work engenders the promise of being able to change and strive towards an optimal life.

Amanda uses a range of techniques and therapies to treat mental health challenges, and the experiences a life brings. She has particular skills to solve complex clinical psychology problems with individually-tailored treatments.

Dr Jefferys is accredited by a number of organisation including the following professional organisations and government services:

  • Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS)
  • Justice Departments: Approved Counselling Service & Support
  • WorkCover (SIRA)
  • Medicare
  • Australian Psychological Society

New clients

The business offers discreet and high-end individual, partnership and family therapy. Our psychological services are supported by Medicare and private health insurers.

Please call reception to book an appointment.


The Australian Psychological Society recommended fee for a 45-50 minute session with a Psychologist is currently $241. To make psychology services more accessible, we offer a reduced standard fee per session. Fees must be paid by cash or card at the end of each session.

Medicare, employee assistance programs, Workcover and other organisations offer direct fee payments or rebates. Some private health funds provide rebates directly to their clients for psychological services.

When you call, we’ll explain the fee structure.

Clients under Workcover

Dr Jefferys is a Workcover (SIRA) approved psychologist. As a part of the worker’s compensation scheme, you may be entitled to psychological treatment services in relation to an injury if it is recommended by your treating doctor.

You will need to obtain a WorkCover medical certificate from your doctor indicating a recommendation that you see Dr Jefferys. Then, contact us for an appointment.

Workcover pays the invoices directly to the practice.

Clients with Mental Health Care Plans

If you have a referral from your doctor under a Mental Health Care Plan, you will be able to make a Medicare claim that will subsidise the cost of sessions. Medicare will issue you with a direct reimbursement a portion of your fees for up to 10 sessions per a calendar year.

Clients seeking Professional Supervision

Dr Jefferys is registered with AHPRA to supervise Registered Psychologists in their Clinical Practice, and also new graduate Psychologists through, and post their university program.

Understanding many of the unique challenges that face rural communities.